Core Concepts

Essential Bullshit: The Bullshit Bag

The Bullshit Bag is an abstraction, A metaphorical sack for all your bull. You know, the nice eco-friendly brown paper o …

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Welcome to the Bullshit Manifesto

What the hell is this anyway? The Bullshit Manifesto is a collection of metaphorical essays and random observations on t …

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Primal Bullshit: Humans and the Beginning of Bullshit

So I ask, what is a human but a divine spark bound to a meatbot by the intricate skein of life that permeates each one o …

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Connected Bullshit in the Age of Doodads

Ages coming and going Bullshit ages are passing by pretty fast these days. As a result of the whole collective knowledge …

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A Tale of Sparks and Meatbots

But what is a spark? What is a meatbot? And together they make something that is more than animal but not quite divine, …

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